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Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

The Mission is pleased to announce that Machine Readable Passport (MRP) facility has started. The Mission has stopped issuing Manual Passport.
For Machine Readable Passports (MRPs), all the applicants are required to book appointments online.


All Pakistanis are informed that the Mission is fully sympathetic to any cause of any Pakistani and invariably finds a way to fulfil their legitimate needs.
So there is no need to fall prey to any agent who is likely to exploit you and lead you to the wrong side of law and cause harm in the long run.

We are here to help you !

Anyone who feels his legitimate application in the embassy is being delayed must speak to the Ambassador the same day and bring his apprehension to Ambassador’s notice. She/ He is guaranteed a prompt redressal.


After the launch of online facility of NICOPs and POCs by NADRA, manual submission of applications have been stopped by the Mission.

All applicants are advised to apply on online for their NICOPs and POCs. NADRA