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Pakistan Day

All Pakistanis are cordially invited to attend Flag Hoisting Ceremony alongwith their families on Saturday March 23, 2019 at 1100 hrs at Embassy of Pakistan.  The Flag Hoisting Ceremony will be followed by light refreshments.


Have you ever been approached by any agent offering help in Embassy matters? Have you ever been asked for a bribe? Are you dissatisfied by the performance of the Embassy officials?

If yes, please immediately contact the Head of Chancery, Mr. Shahzad Dastgir Nousherwani, directly on the following:

Mobile No:        +353833903138

Email Address:

Looking forward to your cooperation in eradication of corruption and improving Embassy services!


Investment Facilitation Centre

Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) has established an Investment Facilitation Centre (IFC) for Pakistani diaspora which is mandated to provide information on investment opportunities available in Pakistan. To act as centralized portal, all related information on investment opportunities, specialized government policies in industrial, IT, Textile, Petroleum Sector, etc are available on OPF website