Embassy Holidays

Embassy Holidays


A list of Public Holidays to be observed by the Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin during the year 2017 is given below. However, those holidays which are subject to sighting of moon will be notified by a circular prior to holidays.

S.No Name of the Occasion Day Date
1 Public Holiday as  New Year Day falls on a Sunday New Year (Monday) 2nd January 2017
2 Kashmir Day Sunday 5th February 2017
3 St.Patric’s Day Friday 17th March 2017
4 Pakistan Day Thursday 23rd March 2017
5 Easter Monday Monday 17th April 2017
6 Labour Day Monday 2nd May 2017
7 June Bank Holiday Monday 5th June 2017
8 Eid-ul-Fitr Monday & Tuesday 26th  & 27th June 2017(*)
9 August Bank Holiday Monday 7th  August 2017
10 Independence Day Monday 14th August 2017
11 Eid-ul-Azha(10th Zil Haj 1437 AH) Tuesday & Wednesday 29th & 30th (*) August 2017
12 Ashura Saturday 30th September 2017
13 October Bank Holiday Monday 30th  October 2017
14 Quaid-e-Azam Day/Christmas Monday 25th December 2017
15 St.Stephen’s Day Tuesday 26th December 2017

(*) Subject to appearance of moon

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The right to enter Embassy premises is restricted to only those who are coming with prior appointments or applicants for any consular facility. Companions are not allowed with them. Women, minors, and people with disability can be accompanied with one.

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(Syed Shahid Hussain Tirmizi)