Visa  Services

General Information

  • Following duration visas can be issued:

a) One Month

b) Three Months

c) Six Months

d) One year

e) Five years (For Irish- Pakistani nationals or descendants of Pakistanis only). Fee: €180.

  • If sending by mail please enclosed self-addressed prepaid registered envelope (Ireland postal service only). However, the Embassy reserves the right to call the applicant for interview.


  • Reciprocity with Irish government is applicable with required to processing time of a visa for Pakistan.


  • Please note that visas of all categories are valid for the period mentioned on the visa stickers, which is calculated from the date of issue. The period of stay is counted from the date of entry into Pakistan.



  • Please fill in visa application form and sign it.


  • Please attach the following:-

- Invitation letter alongwith photocopy of the host/sponsor CNIC or NICOP or Pakistani passport.

-Evidence of support of financial means, such as employer’s letter or bank statement.

-If traveling in group, letter/travel itinerary from the tourist operator concerned.

-Original passport valid for at least six months alongwith its photocopy.

-Two latest passport size photographs with white background.


Fee schedule for Irish passport holder only

  • Transit Visa €30
  • Single Entry €72
  • Multiple Entry €120
  • Business Single Entry €120
  • Business Multiple Entry €180
  • Fee will be charged in the Embassy through Credit Card, Debit Card. If application is sent by post please enclose Postal Order (written in the Name of Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin). No Postal Order will be accepted without mentioning the name of the Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin. Fee is non-refundable.
  • Consular fee is subject to periodical revision without notice.
  • Nationals of third countries should contact the Mission for fee schedule.
  • Visa fee should not be deposited unless the application is approved.


Submission of Application

Monday –Friday

  • 1100 hrs -1300 hrs (Attestation and legalization of documents)
  • 1100 hrs-1230 hrs  (only Friday)


For Non-Irish Passport Holders

  • In order to ensure security of a minor, presence of one or both parents at the time of submission of visa application is mandatory. If availability of both parents at one time is not possible, one present must appear with the child and the other can appear on a different date alongwith their original & photocopies of their NICOP or CNIC or Smart Card or Pakistani passport.


  • Please provide:-

-Proof of residence in Ireland (most recent utility bill).

-Marriage Certificate in case you are foreign spouse of a Pakistani national.


Visa for Dual Nationals


  • Holder of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is entitled to enter and stay in Pakistan without visa until the validity of NICOP.


  • Those requiring visa please bring original and photocopy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or NICOP or Smart Card.


  • For children falling in this category please submit the following:

(a) Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate.

(b) Original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate of Parents or any other evidence of parenthood.

(c) Photocopy of parents Pakistani passport and CNIC.


Business Visa

  • The applicant must submit a letter from his company in Ireland.


  • Please provide any letter of invitation from Pakistan, attested by Chamber of Commerce of Pakistan or any other supporting documents.


Missionary Visa

  • This type of visa application is processed in Pakistan but initiated by the Consular Section of the Embassy.


  • Please provide:


-Letter from a Missionary Organization certifying that he/she is a bonafied member of the said organization, which takes full responsibility for his/her maintenance, boarding/lodging and return journey in case repatriation from Pakistan was required.

-Declaration to respect and abide by the laws of Pakistan and that he/she will refrain from indulging in politics and will comply with all the regulations of Pakistan.

-Biodata for last 10 years.

-Photocopies of his/her education degrees, diplomas/certificate (with English translation, if required).


NGO Visa

  • NGO visa applications are processed after approval from Pakistan.


  • Introductory letter from employer in Ireland giving therein the purpose of the visit is required.


  • A letter from the inviting NGO in Pakistan alongwith a copy of their valid contract/registration with the Government of Pakistan is required.



Visa for Third Country Nationals

  • Visa applicants holding passports other than the Irish are required to submit proof of residential status in Ireland. Their passport must contain appropriate Irish visa or entry. Alternatively, a utility bill with applicant’s address (Bord Gais/ ESB/ Telephone) or Bank Statement in his name may be provided.



Journalist Visa

  • All such visas are processed through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, External Publicity Wing, therefore liable for increased processing time.


  • Please provide:-

-Letter from employer including detail of the purpose of visit is required.

-Details of the places to be visited in Pakistan needs to be given in application.

-Brief summary of the assignment to be undertaken in Pakistan.

For More Information

Call the Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin phone No. +353-1-2613032/33

Book Passport Appointment

Opening Hours

Mon- Thu (10:00 to 13:00 hrs.)
Friday (only) (10:00 to 12:30 hrs.)

Collection of Documents
Mon- Fri
(16:00 to 17:00 hrs.)

Please Note:
The right to enter Embassy premises is restricted to only those who are coming with prior appointments or applicants for any consular facility. Companions are not allowed with them. Women, minors, and people with disability can be accompanied with one.

In case of Emergency on weekends & public holidays (only)

+353 89 953 0653

(Syed Shahid Hussain Tirmizi)