Economy & Trade

Economy & Trade

Last Five Years Trade Figures between Pakistan and Ireland

                                                                                        (000 $)

S.No. Period Pakistan’s Export Pakistan’s Import Total Bilateral Trade
1. 2013 60,505 31,801 92,303
2. 2014 59,430 53,191 112,621
3. 2015 61,000 54,000 115,000
4. 2016 77,383 67,684 145,067
5. 2017 69,864.9 40,425.62 110,290

Central Statistics Office Ireland




The board of investment (BOI), hereby establishes an overseas Pakistanis investment cell (OPIC), under the overall supervision of director General( Adm/IF) BOI to support, assist and facilitate overseas Pakistanis investors (OPI’s) in relation to their investment in Pakistan. The OPIC will comprise of the following officials:

i.        Director General                                 (Adm /If)

ii.       Director (AM)                                        Member

iii.      Director (AE)                                         Member

iv.      Director Policy & Planning )              Member

v.       Deputy Director (IF)                            Member/ Secretary


Terms of Reference receive and process all requests from OPI’s on a one window basis

d)      To establish contacts with potential /reputed OPI’s  and prompt their  investment in to Pakistan

e)       In conjunction with the foregoing the OPIC shall as necessary carry out such research studies and develop such plans and policy/  incentive packages that would attract/ facilitate OPI’s in their choice of areas of investment.

I)       The OPIC will regularly monitor and put up monthly reports to the chairman and secretary BOI on progress with regard to OPI’s investment

3.       All OPI’s are encouraged to avail this facility detail information on investment opportunities, policy strategy and procedure for investment may be downloaded from BOI website or obtain on the request from OPIC.

4.       Contact numbers and email addresses of the OPI’s

List of OPIC officials contacts and email addresses

Name Contact E-mail
Director(Adm/IF) T: 051-9207052

F: 051-9207052
Director(AM) T: 051-9217861
Director (AE) T: 051-9244534
Director policy & planning) T: 051-9217016
Deputy Director (IF) T: 051-9210064


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