Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

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If you had or have expired Machine Readable Passport, you can apply on line without visiting a passport office. In this regard please directly contact IMPASS Pakistan on

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Guidelines to apply for passports by visiting Embassy Dublin


  • Please book a prior appointment for MRP services.


  • Application form & photographs are not required.


  • The applicants must appear in person and bring valid original NICOP or CNIC or Smart Card.


  • Please bring original previous Pakistani passports and photocopies of first 2 pages and observation page.


  • If any modification is required from the previous passport, please first get changes made in NADRA database by amending NICOP, CNIC or Smart Card. Please bring the amended card.


  • MRP can be renewed 6 months before expiry. In exceptional cases, this condition can be waived off to some degree depending upon the reason given.


  • Married female applicant is required to produce original CNIC, NICOP/Smart National ID Card containing her spouse's name. A married female applicant cannot use their cards that reflect her father’s name.


  • Any endorsement including names of children in parents' passports cannot be made.


  • Child whose name was once endorsed on mother's/father’s manual passport, will require a new passport.


  • For the safety of minors, presence of both parents or legal guardian is mandatory during biometric process. Exception can be made for reasons acceptable to the Mission but requirement for documentations will increase. Please call and speak in the Mission, in advance.


  • For any one less than 15 years of age, passport validity will be FOR 5 years only. Older people can apply for 5 or 10 years validity passport (fee will increase).


  • In case of death of one or both parents of a minor, original death certificate of the deceased parents alongwith photocopies must be brought at the time of the processing of application by the legal guardian.


  • In case, when one parent is deceased, the living parent must appear in person with the minor.


  • In case parents are separated or divorced, the custodian father or mother or legal guardians is required to produce court order confirming his/her legal right of custody of the minor.



MRP office operates on the principle of live data capturing. Normally a biometric process takes no more than half an hour. However, sometimes due to technical reasons, processing of passports during an appointment can take up two hours. Your patience and cooperation is requested in such a scenario. Passports are printed in Pakistan and then sent to this Embassy. Therefore please do not book your flight without receiving passport from the Embassy.


Application processing time

Monday –Thursday

  • 1000 hrs -1230 hrs
  • 1000 hrs-1200 hrs (only Friday)


Collection time of passport

  • 20 working days to collect passport in case of normal application.
  • 12 working days to collect passport in case of urgent application.
  • Invariably Embassy will send email when your passport has arrived.
  • Monday-Friday from 1600 hrs-1700 hrs.



  • The applicant collects his MRP personally.  He/she should bring original token.
  • On behalf of applicants, MRP can be collected by a proxy. He/she should bring a hand written authority letter from the applicant. It should contain phone number of the applicant. Phone number should be the same as given during MRP processing.


Passport Fee

For Five (5) Years Validity (36 Pages)

Fresh Passport  (Normal: €36)  (Urgent: €66)

1st Lost Passport  (Normal: €72)  (Urgent: €132)

2nd Lost Passport  (Normal: €144)  (Urgent: €264)


For Ten (10) Years Validity (36 Pages)

Fresh Passport (Normal: €72)  (Urgent: €96)

1st Lost Passport (Normal: €144)  (Urgent: €192)

2nd Lost Passport (Normal: €288)  (Urgent: €384)


For Five (5) Years Validity (72Pages)

Fresh Passport (Normal: €72)  (Urgent: €96)

1st Lost Passport (Normal: €144)  (Urgent: €192)

2nd Lost Passport (Normal: €288)  (Urgent: €384)


For Ten (10) Years Validity (72 Pages)

Fresh Passport (Normal: €132)  (Urgent: €168)

1st Lost Passport (Normal: €264)  (Urgent: €336)

2nd Lost Passport (Normal: €528)  (Urgent: €672)


How to Pay Fee

Fee will be charged only in the Embassy through Credit Card, Debit Card. Fee is non-refundable.


For More Information

For further information please visit Directorate General of Immigration and Passport, Islamabad website


Call the Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin phone No. +353-1-2613032/33.

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Opening Hours

Mon- Thu (10:00 to 13:00 hrs.)
Friday (only) (10:00 to 12:30 hrs.)

Collection of Documents
Mon- Fri
(16:00 to 17:00 hrs.)

Please Note:
The right to enter Embassy premises is restricted to only those who are coming with prior appointments or applicants for any consular facility. Companions are not allowed with them. Women, minors, and people with disability can be accompanied with one.

In case of Emergency on weekends & public holidays (only)

+353 89 953 0653

(Syed Shahid Hussain Tirmizi)