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Bilateral Economic and Trade Relations between Pakistan and Ireland

Trade and Economic relations between Pakistan and Ireland continue to progress at a steady pace. Pakistan's exports to Ireland amounted to US$ 75 million in 2013. Ireland's exports to Pakistan remained at US$ 39.80 million in 2013. The balance of trade remains in Pakistan's favour. Following are the main items of trade between Pakistan and Ireland:

Food and live animals, Meat & meat preparations; Dairy products & birds’ eggs; Cereals & cereal preparations; Vegetables & fruit, Sugar, sugar preparation & honey; Coffee, tea cocoa, spices & manufactures thereof; Hides, skins & furskins, raw; Pulp & waste paper; Textile fibres & their wastes; Metalliferous ores & metal scrap; Crude animal & vegetable materials nes; Organic chemicals; Medical & pharmaceutical products; Essential oils, perfume materials; toilet & cleansing preps; Plastics in primary forms; Chemical materials & products nes; Leather; leather manufactures nes; dressed furskins; Cork & wood manufactures (excl. furniture); Paper, paperboard & articles thereof; Textile yarn, fabrics, made-up articles & related products; Non-metallic mineral manufactures nes; Power generating machinery & equipment; Machinery specialised for particular industries; General industrial machinery & equipment nes & parts nes; Office machines & automatic data processing machines; Telecommunications & sound equipment; Prefab buildings; plumbing & electrical fixtures & fittings; Furniture & parts thereof; bedding, cushions etc; Travel goods, handbags & similar containers; Articles of apparel; clothing accessories; Footwear.

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